Erospace, 2018-

Eros is an essential part of who we are as human beings, but how do we connect with our erotic selves in a culture that often tries to shame us for them? How do we stay sexually alive? What are the maps we are given that tell us who we are supposed to be sexually, and what is our true sexual terrain?  Erospace is my new and evolving community-engaged art project that asks questions about what we want and the honest nature of our desires.

There are new and important conversations happening every day right now around unwanted sex. In an inverse and complementary way, I want to start to have more honest conversations about the sex that we do want. 

I ran a pilot workshop for women at Good for Her, a sexuality store in Toronto, in April 2018, to experiment with some early ideas for the project. In the coming year, I will be doing research at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC to research perceptions of women’s desire and pleasure during the Renaissance. I’m looking forward to integrating my findings into the larger project.

My hope is that by being honest about who we are erotically, and transforming our stories through art, we can deepen our ability to talk about and accept ourselves and each other as sexual beings.