Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the process work?

All Memory Landscapes start with a conversation. After you contact me and I answer any questions you may have, I’ll send you a list of interview questions about the person who you’re honoring. Most people answer in writing, but I can also interview you over the phone or Skype. You’ll have an opportunity to share stories and memories you have about your loved one, which will give me the inspiration to make the image. I’ll also ask you for some suggestions for the objects that could symbolize the person in the photograph.

After we finalize the memory and what I’ll be photographing, I’ll send you a contract, with an invoice for 50% of the total fee as a non-refundable deposit.

I then go on a search to find the object, and photograph a series of Memory Landscapes inspired by what you've shared with me. Then I send you a password-protected proof page, with a minimum of 6 images to choose from. You can easily share the page with family and friends if you would like their input.

When you’re ready, you order the print and frame of your choice and pay the balance of the fee. I then work with my professional lab to have them mailed right to your doorstep.

Photographing a Crescent wrench

Photographing a Crescent wrench

How do I choose what you’ll photograph? Do you provide the object, or do I?

You provide the suggestions for what I could photograph that will represent your loved one, we decide together what has the most visual potential, and then it’s my job to track it down. If you would prefer for me to photograph something in your possession, and you're comfortable mailing it to me, we can do that instead.

The more suggestions you have, the more we’ll have to choose from, and anything is game: objects, food, elements from nature. Some things are easier to photograph as landscapes than others (for example, very small items like jewelry tend to be more difficult), but I’m open to any and all suggestions. Also keep in mind that the dominant colors in the object will be present in the photograph (if you pick a brown shoe, there will be a lot of brown in the image).

Can I choose more than one object?

You can, and I usually suggest choosing two related objects (in other words, two types of flowers, or two types of drinks). I'm always up for a creative challenge though, so if you have other ideas, I'd love to hear them. 

Additional objects within the same image incur a additional fee of $100 per object. 

Do you work long distance?

The entire process is done online or on the phone, so I can work with you no matter where you live in the world.

What happens if I don’t like the images you made?

One of the hallmarks of this type of photography is the element of discovery—I may start with certain ideas about the final image, but I never know exactly what an object will look like close-up until I start photographing. An important part of the collaborative process is trusting me as an artist to make something beautiful and meaningful for you based on what you’ve seen of my previous work, and on the preferences you state in your interview. My goal is to make an image that you love and that resonates deeply with you. 

After I show you the proofs, I can make simple changes in color and brightness in post-production, and will reshoot the same object again if necessary. We can discuss the option of doing a second shoot with a different object for an additional fee.

The final photo: Crescent Wrench, 2016

What are your rates?

Prices range from $1040-$1400 for the first commissioned print, depending on the size. Additional prints after the initial purchase are $85 to $520. You can view a complete price list here.

Do you offer framing?

Yes, I offer custom gallery frames for your prints. The frames come in black or white, include a white mat and premium acrylic, and arrive ready to hang.

Do you offer custom sizes?

Absolutely. If you have a specific size in mind, contact me and we can discuss what you're looking for.

Can my friends and family purchase copies of the images?

Your family and friends are welcome to purchase prints of the images through your proof page, at the rates for additional prints. 

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. It can be a wonderful gift for someone grieving to create a Memory Landscape with me in honor of the person they lost. Some people choose to get a group of family or friends together to offer a Memory Landscape as a gesture of support. If you are interested in this option, please contact me.

Do you offer Memory Landscapes for pets, or for special events?

Yes. I can create a Memory Landscape to commemorate your pet, or to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, or other special milestone. For example, if two people met skiing, a nice anniversary Memory Landscape might be of skis, ski poles, or ski hats. 

What is the average time it takes to complete a Memory Landscape?

I am only able to accept a limited number of commissions per year due to the personal time and attention I spend with each client; when you contact me I can give you a more specific answer about the current timeline. From the point at which I begin working on your Memory Landscape, it will take me about two weeks to track down the right object, photograph the Memory Landscape, and send you the proofs. Once you decide and order your final prints, it takes about two to three weeks to receive them, depending on where you live.