Memory Landscape Commissions

"Every time I catch sight of the image in my dining room I’m flooded with good memories— it helps me remember my great-aunt with joy and really captures all the strength of her beautiful, vibrant personality." - May Friedman

A Memory Landscape celebrates and brings your loved one to life by turning your memories into a work of art.

Share your memory with me, and I'll photograph the symbol which brings that memory to mind, transforming it into an abstract landscape and a unique remembrance.

This collaborative process of making art to honor someone you miss can be healing and extremely meaningful. I love how the images become a conversation piece for your home, a way to capture and pass down stories about a treasured person in a beautiful way. 

Who do you want to celebrate and remember?

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"I have spent thirty minutes looking at your photograph. No doubt I'll spend many more minutes looking at it in the future. My response to the image is beyond words. It's perfect. Thank you. I shall treasure it." - Peter B.

"I am really in love with the image you created. Your work is amazing, and everything you do. I want you to know this is a huge step for me in my grief journey, and this helps me heal, just a little more." - Leigh H.

"I can’t thank you enough, Mindy, for everything. The photograph is simply beautiful. But thank you also for listening, for being so deeply compassionate, for the effort you put in to track down irises during the completely wrong season to make the photograph possible. I am so completely moved I’m at a loss for how to express it. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart." - Brandee Eubanks

Photographing roses and hydrangeas

The final photo: Roses and Hydrangeas, 2016