As part of my creative process, I often run workshops and invite the public to collaborate with me to help develop my ideas and projects. As a community-engaged artist, I see part of my job as creating the frameworks that allow people to share their stories and transform them into art. I find it really exciting to work with regular people, who bring new perspectives to my initial ideas and help take them directions that I could never predict.

In addition to running workshops to develop new projects, I also offer art workshops on a variety of topics for team building and other events. I have experience working with people of all different ages and backgrounds; contact me for more information on the kinds of workshops I can offer. 


“Greetings From Motherland remains to this day perhaps the best self-care endeavor I've done for myself as a mother. It grounded me, opened me up to working again, networked me with awesome women, and gave me space (physical and mental) in that first year as a new mother when I really needed it. Thank you deeply for bringing that workshop here, making it easy to be a part of and meaningful.”

“I'm seeing things through a different lens as this project goes on…I think that was one of Mindy's hopes for us, and I think that's art's purpose too, right? Like to take the most mundane things and kind of look at them in a new and different way.”

“Being a part of the Greetings From Motherland workshops really helped me at a time when I was completely focused on being a mother and forgetting about the other parts of myself. It forced me to make time for something I wanted to do and I am better for it.  It also helped me allow myself imperfections and to realize that I was not failing at motherhood-which I very much believed prior.  I admit my art is non-existent these days as I struggle through life with two kiddos and attempting to turn my business into a future.  That said Greetings From Motherland is one of the reasons it doesn't worry me, I know I will write and create again.”

“What I liked most about the workshops was the fellowship and creative collaboration. Our final product could have been less than great and the experience still would have been well worth it. The fact that our show turned out AMAZING was a wonderful bonus.”

“I can't thank you enough for the wonderful outlet you created for us, it is amazing how one can let go and reach out to total strangers to talk about the most intimate feelings and experiences. Being with you and these wonderful women, makes me feel that I am not alone, and many other women/moms have moments of weaknesses, fears and sometimes despair, and that it's ok to feel like this.”

“It was thought-provoking and interesting and still felt very safe—at no point did I feel like I needed to share more than I wanted to. And I thought it was a great process, especially for someone like me who has no training in visual arts! Thanks so much for a moving, fun, and creative workshop that really starts to address some profound taboos in our culture. I really enjoyed it and appreciated it!”

Past Clients and Partners:

Harbourfront Community Centre - Toronto, ON

Silver Creek Preschool- Etobicoke, ON

College-Montrose Children’s Place- Toronto, ON

Jumblies Theatre – Toronto, ON

Davenport/Perth Neighbourhood Centre– Toronto, ON

Mabelle Arts – Toronto, ON

Art Starts – Toronto, ON

Happy Bambino – Madison, WI

University of Wisconsin – Madison, WI

Resonance Center for Women – Tulsa, OK

Philbrook Museum - Tulsa, OK

Waterworks Art Studio – Tulsa, OK

B’nei Emunah, Midrasha – Tulsa, OK

92nd Street Y – New York, NY